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Discover the Natural Power of Tallow for Skin Health

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At Lesuif, we are passionate about nourishing your skin with only the highest quality, natural ingredients. As a result, our handmade balms are powerful, clean, revitalizing, and uniquely impressive!

The Lesuif Collection


I love how soft it makes my skin feels…Best investment!

Hi! I just wanted to share my experience so far using lesuif skin💗 It’s been a couple of weeks of using (silk) as a moisturizer. I love how soft it makes my skin feel and feels hydrated and shiny all day! 💗 Since most of the time in the house i’m barefoot and also wear sandals quite often, my feet feel rough at times, I started applying it on my feet and I have noticed my feet feeling softer as well. I love how a little bit of product goes a long way! Best investment! Woohoo 🙌🏽


The Sana Balm got rid of eczema on my feet and I’m blown away!

Wow! Your products are amazing! It’s really a miracle in a jar. Recently I was diagnosed with a strange case of eczema on my feet. I had the Sana balm which I had been applying on my hip and decided to try it on these weird little pus filled pimples on my feet, which doctors later diagnosed as a rare case of eczema. Although I wasn’t consistent, the bottoms of my feet became less itchy and within a month everything was gone. And it’s never came back! Thank you so much for your magic balm!!!


Itchy rash gone in two hours with one application of the Calma Balm

I was out working in the yard this morning and apparently I got into something that wasn’t pleasant. I broke out in this extremely itchy rash but I applied your Calma balm and it instantly gave me relief. Within 2 hours the rash was completely gone. And that was with one single application!! Thank you so much for your wonderful balms.

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our story


We are a small family owned business, based in Houston Texas. In 2021, our perfectly beautiful daughter graced us with her presence. At two months old, she had a horrible eczema breakout. The rash around her neck got so inflamed we were afraid it would get infected. And everything from the stores labeled “eczema relief” only worsened the rash. Desperate to help our girl, the first batch of LESUIF Balm was born. All balms are created in small batches right in our kitchen. We are passionate about nourishing skin naturally!

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Powerful, simple, natural ingredients you can trust. All unique formulas handmade in our kitchen, in Houston Texas!

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